About Tuunrat
We began our life with dogs in 1995 when we decided to breed our very special
weimaraner girl named Cziski. In the next twelve years we had more than 10 litters
of weimaraners. Several of our dogs became American Champions, Brazilian
Champions, Argentinean Champions and International champions, all of whom we
are very proud. During these years, we also found another love our first Vizla,
Anuk. Anuk, a name of Eskimo origin, would give us the name of our kennel. In
the Eskimo language Tuunrat means animal spirit that helps people in need. We
started breeding Vizlas, this wonderful breed, and showing our dogs. One day we
had a very special boy born, Ch. Tuunrat Pampa Rey de Celis out of one of our
females that lives with my lovely sister Laura.
Laura is so special, and close to my heart. She devotes her life and all her love to her Vizlas. When we got to the states I started showing English and French Bulldogs.

In the year 2003, with my best friend and mother, Maria Leguizamon, started looking at the Frenchies with different eyes while attending the Florida Circuit. Thats when I got her Anuk, in 2004 her first Frenchie, named after our first Vizla. We have been breeding French Bulldogs and showing them around the country ever since. We combine our knowledge of the French Bulldog standard with our knowledge of hundreds of bloodlines from around the world and treat our breeding program much like a game of chess. One must always think not just about the move immediately ahead, but about the moves to be played further on in the game. Capturing the opponent's king does not happen quickly. It happens step by step; considered move by considered move. Skill, experience, mindfulness, and a great deal of deliberate thought earn the victory in chess. The same can be said of breeding fine French Bulldogs. It is our desire to improve and succeed in every step of the game. Our checkmate is consistently achieving the breed standard. I would like to say thank you to everyone that put their trust in our breedings, as well as everyone who helped to make them a success- like my sister and Graciela.

I will never forget all those nights we went without sleep, taking care of the newborns. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. To Ony Pons, Paula and Augusto Slaviero that sent us our star Tuunrat Mini Me, Martina Alonso and, Danny Chirinos ( my best friends), Didiel Kennel, Miradon Kennel, Frustyle kennel, A'vigdors Kennel, Avlis & Bloa Kennel, Equinox's kennel, Dr. Alejandro, Alexandra Rosenstein, and De Serres Bull. We would also like to thank Hedgebrook Kennel for allowing us to use their boy Ubu (Ch Hedgebrook Le Grand is Here) in our breeding. Ubu is the sire of our World Champion Tuunrat Take Air Ruger is Here, and in 2008 we repeated the breeding. We had two excellent litters, and again extend our thanks. We would like to thank all of our many friends and wonderful clients who help to take care of our pets and family: Natalia and Hector Marenda, Cacho and Family, Andres Rojas and Family, The Farias Family, Gerardo Olivo and Family, Ivan, Dr. Nacio, and of course, Laura, my super sister!

We currently have dogs showing around the world and are proud owners of the 2007 World Champion in Mexico City, American Champion Tunnrat take air Ruger is here. "Ruger" was born in a record litter of 7 puppies from which we kept one gorgeous girl. He currently lives in Dade City, Flori,with his new owner Jody McMahon. Ruger was bred by Maria Leguizamon and Marcelo Tuunrat.
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